2023 AIFF Doc Showcase: The Tuba Thieves
(NR), 1 hr. 32 min.
From 2011 to 2013, a string of puzzling burglaries took place in Southern California: tubas went missing from a dozen high schools. Alison O'Daniel's genre-defying debut was sparked by these events. Imagining what a band might sound like stripped of its deepest sound, the visual artist and filmmaker asks what it means to listen. The film winds through storylines blending documentary, narrative, and reenactment--one centered on a Deaf drummer playing a fictionalized version of herself, another following the school communities dealing with the theft--with ingenious interpretations of history-making concerts, from John Cage's 4'33' to the last punk show at San Francisco's Deaf Club, interspersed throughout. A story told through sound and its absence, The Tuba Thieves embraces the possibility of miscomprehension and delay in a meditation on access and loss. Featuring a cinematic experience of Los Angeles rarely seen--or heard--before, and incorporating open captions as a rich narrative space, O'Daniel's work is profound in its prompt for (hearing) audiences to tune in differently. (Museum of Modern Art New Directors/New Films).

Paired with short film- Wave Hands Like Clouds ( Marga Laube) 3 mins
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