Miracles at the Movies: Locke + Signorelli
(NR), 2 hr. 5 min.
Firebrand pastors Greg Locke and Mike Signorelli merge condensed versions of their groundbreaking films, Come Out in Jesus Name and Domino Revival, infused with an unprecedented prophetic activation for this special 2-hour Fathom event. Both documentary films were among the top-grossing faith-based theatrical releases of 2023, with audience scores at Rotten Tomatoes of 95% and 99% respectively. Now, through this high-energy condensed format, theater audiences can experience the passion and the power of both films while receiving a fresh prophetic word from Locke and Signorelli as they stand for Christ high above New York City.

Added Value Description: (30 Minutes) Firebrand pastors Greg Locke and Mike Signorelli will again join forces high above New York City as they deliver an unprecedented prophetic activation and unifying message to the body of Christ.
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